SensoTech Controllers

Controller 30

The controller is the interface between the operator and the sensor.
The clear, user-friendly and multi-lingual menu structure allows the intuitive system operation without extensive manual study. The internal data memory has a capacity of up to 30,000 records.

By reading out via the integrated TCP/IP or USB interface, it is possible to create easily own process reports. The process data will be updated every second. They can be transmitted via several adjustable analog or relay outputs as well as via various interfaces, such as fieldbus or Ethernet.


The controller 30 is equipped with a powerful sensor interface. This enables the communication and power supply of up to four sensors. This This allows the realization of budget-optimized solutions for multi point measurements.

The controller 30 is a highly efficient and powerful evaluation unit that manages and stores the measuring results of up to four sensors. Each sensor works autonomously and can be used in different applications. The controller processes the sensor data and is the interface to the operator by displaying the concentration values. Being equipped with the newest high-tech microprocessor, the controller even copes with complex concentration calculations. The large touch display with high-resolution color TFT ensures an optimal view under any light conditions. The operator can define his own identifiers of measuring points and products.

Controller 30

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