SensoQuad is the sole distributor for SensoTech in Africa

Sensoquad is the sole distributor in Africa for SensoTech who are a provider of analytical systems for the analysis and optimization of concentration and density measurement in binary liquids.

The SensoTech LiquiSonic® analytical systems set benchmarks that are used globally to precisely detect and measure the concentration of all types of binary liquids.
As a partner of SensoTech, SenoQuad is a provider of systems in Southern Africa for the analysis and optimization of process liquids for the inline measurement of the concentration and density of liquids. 

LiquiSonic® analytical systems precisely detect and monitor the concentration of all types of liquids, so when it comes to process analysis, with SensoTech, we set the standards.
SensoTech’s Liquisonic® Analyser delivers proven, repeatable, reliable and accurate measurements in real time in your sulphuric acid production line.

It uses the principle of Sonic Velocity to determine %wt between 80-100% at high temperatures via a robust, all-metal, gasket-free sensor design with no moving parts.

The inline LiquiSonic® Analyzer reduces manual laboratory measurements, saving labor and material costs in a typical laboratory titration budget for sulfuric acid measurement.
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