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LiquiSonic® QC is an analysis system determining the concentration in a liquid without time delay. The device is based on the highly precise measurement of the absolute sonic velocity and process temperature and thus allows for the calculation and monitoring of concentrations.


LiquiSonic® QC in production

SensoTech has created a smart solution for processes and plants in which in-line measurement is not feasible and sampling is therefore necessary for quality monitoring.

Especially for smaller volumes an inline-measurement is often not practical and connected with expensive conversions. This is why the central quality measuring station specially developed by SensoTech is suitable for LiquiSonic® QC in such systems.

LiquiSonic® QC is adapted to the individual concentration conditions at the respective measuring points in the production plant by using special product data records (e.g. Hakupur 900). Optionally, the system includes accessories that complete the measuring station and make it ready for immediate use- without complex installation or commissioning.

The electronics of the sensor are integrated in the splash proof controller. This evaluates the sensor data and visualizes them. In addition, the sensor for aggressive process fluids can be manufactured from different, resistant materials.

LiquiSonic® QC in incoming goods department

For an optimal cleaning result, the assurance of a high bath quality is indispensable. This begins with the monitoring of the delivered process liquids. An early detection of deviations or defective products leads to rapid reactions and thus to resource-saving production.

With the central quality measuring station, a simple and fast monitoring of the delivered products is possible directly in the incoming goods department.

As in the process, the liquid is sampled directly at the delivery point. The result of real-time measurement is that the quality deviations are detected immediately and immediate action is possible. In this way, confusions and product quality fluctuations within different batches are detected immediately.


The clear measuring point management is ideally suited for the administration and simple selection of samples/measuring points with only two clicks. Usually several measuring points have to be checked in production plants, which is why a digital measuring point is created in the device for each physical measuring point of a plant.

LiquiSonic® QC can manage 20+ different measuring points. 1000 measurements can be stored per measuring point. Each measuring point has an individual configuration and can be adjusted in the field. The name of the measuring point, the product to be measured and the room designation can be set variably. In addition, a reference value can be assigned to each measuring point as a reference and a comment.


Limit value display

The fast and early detection of quality deviations avoids unnecessary costs. For support, the display of the central quality measuring station has optical support.

The controller shows the limit value display in the left part of the display. Deviations from the tolerances are visible at first glance in color. A high quality of the cleaning, texturing, rinsing and preserving baths or the delivered products is thus guaranteed.


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