The controller can be configurated via a high-resolution touch display or via a browser connection with a PC or tablet. The touch display integrates a virtual keyboard that includes Latin as well as Asian and Cyrillic characters.

The main view shows the measuring values. Exceeding or falling below thresholds is shown with a special symbol.


The trend chart offers helpful information and allows optimum process monitoring.

The controller manages the data sets of up to 32 products or optional a  maximum of 99 products. It is possible to select the products via the specific menu. Using the virtual keyboard the product name can be changed.


The calculation of the concentration can be adjusted to achieve optimum process results.

The controller has a lot of parameters and helpful functions. The parameters are structured in a parameter tree.


The device has an automatic self check. All alarm messages are shown clearly in the display and are stored in the event-logbook. The logbook is presented on the display and can be transferred using the USB port. For example, the event-logbook tracks which user has when calibrated which product with what value.


The system security is very important. The controller has a comfortable user management. It is possible to define several users with different access authorizations. This user management ensures that only specific users are able to calibrate the device.

The sensor option SonicGraph® allows the visualization of the original ultrasonic signal. This function is very helpful to optimize the measuring conditions, for example influenced by gas bubbles.


The controller allows the operation in several languages, and text inputs are possible in Latin, Asian and Cyrillic characters.

The Controller 30 includes the possibility to manage up to 4 sensors. The 
values of several sensors are presented in the 2- or 4-sensor view.


The Controller 40
 calculates and displays two different concentrations in a 3-component-liquid.

Controller 50 offers several functions for optimal control of crystallization and polymerization processes. For crystallization application the display shows the supersaturation and the content of crystals.


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